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The Potential Healing Power of the Golden Harp

"Music should be an essential part of every analysis because it reaches the deep archetypal work with patients."
~ Carl Jung


   Joel Andrews' 30 musical recordings have proven to be safe and effective for anyone to use in body work, counseling, hypnotherapy and any kind of mental and spiritual healing. They have helped many people to release difficult emotional stress, mental blocks and physical barriers to health and well-being. This music has been found to be deeply transformative when accepted on inner levels of vibration.  It can also be enjoyed as a background tool to help clients relax.


   Aided by scientist Marcel Vogel, Mr. Andrews learned to create music that positively alters the body's physiology. He has combined this knowledge with his gifts as a composer and performer to create a restorative journey through the seven chakras with his CD "SEVEN WHEELS OF LIGHT." With his solo harp, Mr. Andrews weaves a rich tapestry of sound that will energize and balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
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   The Healers' Choice Seven Wheels of Light CD gently purifies, stimulates and balances each chakra with the others so it can bring healing to that general area of the body through the endocrine glands. These subtle, bioelectric vortices along the spine control the major levels of one's being. Using this series with regular meditation and positive affirmations can significantly help one maintain greater balance, well-being and harmony and deal with life's stressful challenges while helping to prevent disease.


   "We've been listening to a wide range of music and, for healing quality and upliftment, yours is still tops! We keep coming back to it again and again." ~ The Clearing, School of the Healing Arts "

  "After muscle-testing hundreds of subjects, I have found the music of Joel Andrews to be tops; in my book, for healing effects, it is in the same league with Mozart. I call it "Lightmusic" because it balances the listener's Chakras and Meridians. It has such a high vibration, it is in the realm of light!" ~ Joan Hopkins, Sound Healing Researcher

   "For the past two months I have used your beautiful harp music 'Iridescence' as background for my hypnotherapy sessions with clients. After many years using other music in my practice, I have found 'Iridescence' to be the most pleasant, relaxing, and helpful tape of its kind. Thank you, Joel! Your work is wonderful and deeply appreciated."              ~ J. B.

    From "Sounds of Healing" by Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center/New York Hospital:

   "Music, of course, is organized sound that has potential emotional effects and stimulates memories, associations, and highly-developed psychological states with clear impact on our healing systems."

   "The possibilities with healing through vibratory sound are truly manifold, and the principle of entrainment explains these possibilities.  Our body-mind systems are 're-tuned' and the effects can be physical, psychological, spiritual, or all three at once."

   "Sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony.  I believe unequivocally -- and I've seen for myself the proof -- that the use of sound is among the most powerful modalities ever embraced by twentieth-century practitioners."

"I've turned to your tapes to pull me (painlessly) out of the distress of long-term fears...Ah! Onto solid ground again!" ~ S.F.

"I have purchased 'The Violet Flame' and have been awed by its healing effects."  ~ A.R.


   What has made the music of Joel Andrews extraordinary, and explains the wide variety of almost "miraculous" healing effects, is the special state in which he records the music. Down through history the greatest composers and artists have acknowledged their muses. Mr. Andrews didn't begin his healing ministry until these shining beings came to him and trained him to hear the music of the higher dimensions. He researched this type of co-creation for years until he could trust his sources - that they came from a place of love and respect for all of life  - as he did himself.

   So every time he records he meditates, says positive affirmations to qualify for the celestial blessings, and to offer himself for a certain purpose. He then enters an altered, expanded state which he calls a "state of grace" and the music is given to him.

   Humans can create beautiful music which can be helpful in lowering heart rate, bringing the listener to a sense of deep peace which help the body heal itself, boosting the immune system, and other physiological changes. When higher spiritual beings (often called the "celestial artisans") come with much clearer vision of our individual and collective needs, with infinite love, knowledge and wisdom, the healing can go far beyond the usual human capability. This is why recordings of the music of J.S. Bach, year after year, still outsell other composers. Clients who have had Individual Soul-Path Re-Alignments from Joel Andrews play them for the rest of their lives to stay attuned to their chosen pathways.

   This begins to explain why researchers have found high degrees of DNA patterns in Joel's music, why they have found that it changes significantly the structure and properties of water, and why Joel has earned the reputation as one of the clearest and most reliable "co-creators" of consciousness-raising music in the world. Out of the 3,000 individual cassettes, and 40 CDs and cassettes for general use that he has produced, he has only had 2 complaints! (These were early in his career and part of his education). On the other hand, we can provide you with many glowing testimonials of therapeutic effects of a rich variety.

   But let us hasten to add that, (and we are required legally to make this statement), since much depends on the clients' readiness to be healed, no healing can be guaranteed with a certain piece of music. What we can do is share with you the responses listeners have had in the past. This is "people telling people". (Please see "What the Therapists are saying" in this section and the "Testimonials" at the end of the Physician's Choice section).

   It might interest you to know further that these inspired compositions are created in a state transcending space and time. (It says in "A Course in Miracles" that a miracle takes place in a gap in space and time.) As a result, even with all the tours of concerts, seminars and individual healing recordings, Mr. Andrews has not aged much in the last 25 years and appears much younger than his years. Because of this deep dedication to all his brothers and sisters, and to all of life (he has also created music to help heal plants, animals and parts of the earth), researchers have never found negative vibrations in his co-created music and he is never tired after co-creating a concert, seminar or private session, although it does take a few minutes to adjust back to physical realities.


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