Healing Sessions with Joel Andrews


Joel Andrews on Concert Tour in Europe


Joel Andrews, during a concert performance


Joel Andrews

Joel Andrews playing healing music for a children's hospital in Poland.






   "A co-creator of true, natural music for transformation and upliftment, Mr. Andrews links the outer intervals, chords and musical patterns to evoke healing on physical, emotional and mental levels." ~From the notes for a recent album

   "I listen to your music at least once a day and get lots of creative energy from it - actual physical rushes like electricity for hours afterwards." ~ L.N.

   "I have become addicted to your music.  I'm afraid I will soon wear them out.   I just can't wait to get everyone off to school and work and unplug the phone, and then relax in my easy chair for tape listening and meditation.  It makes my whole day." ~ J.B.

   "I've cried listening to Joel's music because it is so full of Love - something that has eluded me my whole life.  The music reminded me that Love IS my being, and helped me reclaim it." ~ H.Z.

   "It is uncanny.  Your music have thrown me into a deep trance and I have realized perfect relaxation and attunement.  I feel levitated off the floor and the pain of scar tissue from many cancer surgeries is greatly alleviated."   ~ M.M.

   "I was lifted from my body by a heavenly force, stroked, loved, and nurtured, and then returned to my body, which is, from that moment to this, free of the extreme pain it had known for 20 years as a result of polio."  ~ J.V. 

   "I've turned to your music to pull me painlessly out of the distress of long-term fears...Ah! on to solid ground again."  ~ S.F.

"It was as if I had taken a spiritual vitamin that gave me a certainty, strengthfulness, and innocent wholeness."  ~ H.Z.