Recent scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of using sound healing to alleviate pain and promote well-being.  The Physician's Choice Series offers inspired music to assist doctors in treating their patients' physical pain and common ailments.  It has proven effective in enhancing immune function, while combating illness and disease on mental, physical and emotional levels.

Researchers have found configurations similar to DNA patterns in Mr. Andrews' music - one possible explanation for its amazing restorative effects. These beautiful cassettes actually help break the closed patterns of trauma in the mind/emotion/body complex." Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Founder/Director of The Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care and first President of the American Holistic Medical Association describes Mr. Andrews' work as "Some of the most transcendent music I have ever experienced. We use it frequently to assist patients in relaxing and entering all states of consciousness".

By raising endorphin levels and boosting immune function, this music can be generally healing and particularly transformative for patients struggling with cancer, AIDS and other debilitating diseases. Mr. Andrews is also planning to create music to support medical treatment of other conditions such as migraine and chronic fatigue syndrome.


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Cancer Release - Created for Sue Monroe, top Canadian Music Therapist, for use in the Cancer Clinic in Montreal. Used in the Bristol Clinic in England and other holistic therapy centers across the country. An alternative therapy support which works on subliminal levels to re-program causative patterns, especially opening the willingness to love and be loved.


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AIDS Release - Mr. Andrews' newest therapy tape. Helps to free the patient from fear and anxiety and creates a positive mood to help in affirmative visualizations. Also helps to release underlying negative programming.




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Harmonious Childbirth - SIDE I - Creates an atmosphere of peace, love, and harmony for the birth process itself. Very effective and not to be played until the contractions are five minutes apart.

SIDE II - Promotes BONDING between mother and child. Can be played before and after birth


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Walking On Air - Experience a lightness of being. These exquisite solo harp improvisations give you a sense of fulfillment, stillness and new-found freedom. Joel Andrews' harp is a messenger of peace, harmony and joy. You are left with the sensation of "Walking On Air."

"This is wonderful to listen to for any major transition you are making in your life." - S. A.


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SIDE I: Richly radiant harmonies bring release and expansion of creativity. Promotes centering and balancing and opens up your creative flow.

SIDE II:  Music of exquisite beauty; deeply contemplative. Profound Peace and Divine Love.

Many people have experienced great peace from this music, especially when they are going through anxiety, depression, or stressful situations.


Seven Wheels





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A restorative journey through the Chakras for purification, energizing and harmony. Hindu yoga masters identified seven energy centers in the body and named them "chakras," Sanskrit for "wheels of fire." Arranged along the spine, the chakras affect specific nerve groups and organ systems, and act as a connection between our physical and spiritual bodies. Unbalanced or blocked chakras can weaken overall health, thus, balancing the chakras is essential for vitality and wellness. "Andrews at his best!"



"The music of Joel Andrews is some of the most transcendent I have ever experienced. We use his music as background frequently to assist patients in relaxing and entering all the states of consciousness for retraining of the nervous system.  If the patient is willing to make the effort and has any significant belief in it, then this music surely offers a safe and remarkably effective method for reducing stress."   ~ C. Norman Shealy, M.D.,  Ph.D., Founder/Director, The Shealy Institute for Comprehensive Health Care. Founder and first President, The American Holistic Medical Association.

"I've been using my office tape with a gentleman with severe emphysema and asthma. When listening to the tape and meditating he experiences  a great ease in his breathing." ~ S.J. Meda, M.D.

"I have been playing the Relaxation tapes of Joel Andrews for my patients. The effect has been profound! The tapes greatly enhance my ability to provide a safe, trusting and healing environment in my office." ~ William L. Weiss, D.D.S.

"Not only is this music appropriate and inspiring, but the healing and light that emanates from it is a true force in this world. We are delighted to have these tapes and will be using them in our program (Clinical Care of Young Babies). Thank you again for your continuing use of your tremendous talent in God's service."   ~ Gladys T. McGarey, M.D.,   the A.R.E. Clinic, Phoenix

"I've been getting very positive feedback from my mentally-ill patients. I'm thrilled with the results. I can't say enough good things about you and your work."  ~ K.M., Mental Health Practitioner

"Without a doubt, music therapy ranks high on the list of modern-day management of critical-care patients. . . Its relaxing properties enable patients to get well faster by allowing them to accept their condition and treatment without excess anxiety."         ~ Raymond Bahr, M.D., Director of Coronary Care at St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, MD.



"I was lifted from my body by a heavenly force, stroked, loved, and nurtured, and then returned to my body, which was, from that moment to this, free of the extreme pain it had known for 20 years as a result of polio." ~ J.V.

"It is uncanny.  Your tapes have thrown me into a deep trance and I have realized perfect relaxation and attunement.  I feel levitated off the floor and the pain of scar tissue from many cancer surgeries is greatly alleviated." ~ M.M.

"I had a bronchial condition of asthmatic proportions, also a bout of cystitis.  The latter condition was cured with the initial playing of 'my music'.   The bronchial condition took a little longer - two days!" ~ A.M.

There are many more detailed cases of healing reported in Mr. Andrews' book "A Harp Full of Stars - The Journey of a Music Healer" and "Miracles Through Music "


Letter from Dr. Marcel Vogel (Scientific Research):

Psychic Research, Inc.                                                                          

1725 Little Orchard St., Unit 'C',

San Jose, CA. 95125

April 30, 1987

Dear Joel,

This is to acknowledge the contribution of your work and sensitivity with the harp in the role of sound in the re-structuring of water.

In the first set of experiments our laboratory did with you, we found that when you tuned into the water with your mind and played your music, there was a change in the water: pH, electro-conductivity, and the UV spectrum.

We further did the experiments in which you played to a crystal over the water and we noted an even greater degree of change in the water. What we have found is that not only is sound important, but the sensitivity of the individual playing the tones is a significant factor.

I believe this work of yours brings about a change in the electro-physiology of a body listening to this music. This is over and beyond just the beauty of the sound and tonal patterns you create.

I am deeply grateful for your help and participation in the research work we are doing. I wish you the very best with your book.

Very truly yours,

Marcel J. Vogel, Ph. D.

(For more quotes by doctors, see Scientific Research page )

Mr. Joel Andrews is creating new recordings to support therapy for:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome       Death & Dying Organ Functions
Migraine Menopause Aging & Rejuvenation

Mr. Andrews invites collaboration with scientific research organizations to substantiate the positive effects of sound on healing. He encourages further medical studies to document the wide spectrum of effective healing responses resulting from the 3,000 individual music healing tapes he has created over a 30-year period.

Mr. Andrews also welcomes suggestions, contributions, and any further information to enhance the funding of these projects.

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