"A most remarkable virtuoso and musician"

- The San Francisco Chronicle

"…skill, musicianship and sensitivity."  

- The New York Times

   Joel Andrews was a harpist, composer, author, and pioneer music healer in America. He toured and presented concerts and workshops worldwide. Captivating international audiences with his exquisite music for over 40 years, he has produced 33 recordings, including collaborations with Paul Horn and the Paul Winter Consort. He was presented in Town Hall, New York, with critical acclaim and has soloed with the San Francisco Symphony under Arthur Fiedler. He appeared at many conferences, including The World Symposium on Humanity in Amsterdam and The Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in London. Mr. Andrews also recorded over 3,000 sessions for individual transformation and his CDs, Mp3’s and writings, distributed world-wide, are used to support many modalities of therapy. They have provided balance, harmony, healing, and enlightenment. 500 testimonials reveal the unbelievable variety of the therapeutic effects of his beautiful music.

Mr. Joel Andrews

Since ancient times the healing powers of the harp have been recognized and in 1971 Joel Andrews began translating spontaneously the music he was hearing in higher dimensions, taking this capability to new heights. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, hearing his music lifts one into higher planes of spiritual ecstasy. One is left feeling a deep stillness at the core of being, new-found freedom, an expectancy of fulfillment. Under his gifted and inspired hands the harp becomes a messenger of peace, harmony, upliftment, and joy. In his unique seminars and lectures in 11 countries he has given thousands of people keys to their highest potential as well as blessings of encouragement to ease the stresses of life.

   This celestial music was customized to each time and place he played; an inspiring musical journey which is said to be angelic in its power and beauty. His purpose, he said, "was to dissolve the barriers between the performer, the audience, and Higher Forces: and to generate through this co-created music a gentle, yet powerful, healing ambience, expansive love, and a lifting of the spirit - to arouse the Divine within us all".

   Mr. Andrews is the author of "A Harp Full of Stars", a chronicle of his 40 years as a music healer and his newest book "Miracles Through Music". His CD's, Mp3’s and books are distributed world-wide through his company, Golden Harp Enterprises. His Pacific Summer Music Colony, for 16th year, helped musicians (through games) into the deeper and healing aspects of sound and music. He was also much in demand as a keynote speaker, seminar leader and counselor. His keen perceptions and openness to inspiration, combined with his dynamic communication skills, have made these activities revelations of spiritual wisdom and love.

   His recorded music has been found to provide a general ambience of relaxation and upliftment to any occasion, and is used to support many modalities of therapy, but in addition, each of his releases has elicited testimonials of healing in certain areas of being. His most popular albums are "Ave Maria-Meditation," "Iridescence," "Splendor of Light," and "Journey Toward the Sun," a collaboration with Soren Hyldgaard, a well-known Danish composer. This album is fully orchestrated and utilizes special effects on the harp never before recorded. His newest release was, "Seven Wheels of Light", which takes the listener on a healing journey of the chakras. .

   Joel Andrews was a dedicated seeker on the spiritual path, and part of his service was as a spiritual guide. He studied in a number of traditions but was not a member of any one. Part of his mission was to bring all of the religions together. He played in many temples and created a world anthem ("Unitas Eanokee") to bring together the peoples of the earth in love and harmony.

   On his return from a tour of Egypt he brought through music in ten temples including the Great Pyramid. His worldwide tours have uplifted thousands through concerts, workshops and individual healing sessions.


  A holder of advanced degrees, Mr. Andrews spent the first 30 years, before he became a healer, exploring every phase of professional harp playing: symphony, ballet, chamber music, opera, -- even jazz. He was head of the Harp Department at the University of Texas where he produced a National Harp Festival with 60 harps. Then he developed the art of improvisation through accompanying dancers, poets, and even births and deaths, and facilitated workshops at Esalen Institute with the late Alan Watts, the authority on Zen.

   Once his musical vocabulary was extensive enough, he experienced a series of illuminations, the Ascended Masters appeared to him, and he was trained to hear the music of the higher planes. At this point his Heart Chakra was opened, and he knew everyone on the earth plane was his brother or sister. His healing ministry began with past-life readings on the harp and other individualized music co-created with the masters. He has completed over 3,000 of these, most of them created without the subject being present. 50 of the most unusual cases of healing are reported in his book, "A Harp Full of Stars".

   Conferences and Seminars that Mr. Andrews has participated in:

The World Symposium on Humanity, 1979
16 Tours of Europe, Concerts and Seminars, 1977— 2000
10 United States Concert & Seminar tours, 1978 — 1999
Japan Concert and Seminar Tour
Australian Concert and Seminar Tours, 1986 — 1996
Australian Television Appearances
Australian National T.V. "The Today Show"
Canadian Tours
World Peace Symposium, Rotterdam, Holland, 1989
World Peace Conference, The Hague, Holland, 1999
Dutch National Television, Special Concert Interview, 1995
"Bridging Heaven and Earth" Concert and Interview, 1996 and again in 1997   U.S. and International distribution: Live 1-hour Television Special
Egyptian tour for Sound Healers, 1999
"Body, Mind and Spirit, Healing Expo," Olympia Hall, London, 1976; worked with Rose Gladden, well-known Healer

Mr. Andrews has been a champion for: